Angie Goska

Work Location: Leonardtown MS

I am honored to be able to serve EASMC for a second term as Treasurer.  I believe in the power of our union.  When we work and raise our voices together, we are indeed powerful and can accomplish great things.  I have served as a building representative, co-chair of the elections committee, member of the budget committee, and as a delegate to both the MSEA and NEA representative assemblies.  I have also had the opportunity to attend several valuable trainings sponsored by NEA and MSEA which include the national ESP conference, the national Leadership Summit and MSEA’s Summer Leadership Conference.  These opportunities have been immensely valuable in both my personal and professional development.

I began my educational career in 2005 when my youngest son started school, working in our school district in Michigan as a substitute.  I moved to St. Mary’s County in 2012 and began working as a substitute for the district.  In 2015 I was hired full time as a special education paraeducator.  In 2018 I decided to go back to school and was hired as a math teacher at Leonardtown Middle School.

I am passionate about education and believe that strong public schools are important.  This passion has been my drive to further my roles as a learner, educator, and union member.  I appreciate the opportunities, friendships and the ability to make a difference that EASMC has afforded me.