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Questions about the contract? Concerns about your job? Need a shoulder…or an ear? Association Representatives are trained and certified by EASMC to help you along the way. Association Representatives have been designated by their sites and are the “eyes and ears” of the Association at the workplace, insuring that the health, welfare and rights of members are protected by monitoring the implementation of the collective bargaining agreement and by advising and representing members.

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Got Union?

Got Union?

Sick Leave Bank Guidelines

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The Hartford

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Suzanne Hermann
President of Employee Plans Services, Inc.
301-985-2020 – phone

Negotiated Agreements 2020-2024

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    THIS MONTH IN ANNAPOLIS 200th Edition of Up the Street As this 200th edition of Up the Street goes to press, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the importance of communicating legislative information and building a network of readers and activists who can use that information to improve outcomes for their profession, students, families, and […]
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